→ What is 'Equal Coding'?

Equal Coding project is implemented in Istanbul by Genç Hayat Foundation with the support of EMpower Foundation. The project aims to increase the technology literacy of the students participating in the project with free coding, robotics and electronic training. The project, in which students aged 11-17 participate, encourages students to shape their future according to their potential and interests.

In Turkey; only 9.9% of employees and 15% of IT specialists with a degree in computer engineering departments are women. Equal Coding project aims to enable more female students to receive technology education and become interested in STEM professions. For this reason, increasing the self-confidence of especially female students in the field of informatics is one of the important goals of the project.


Why do we say 'Equal Coding'?


Free education

It is very important to see many possibilities for career choice at the right time. Although there is a wide variety of technology-related courses for young people, most of these courses are paid. This means that not every student will have access to this course and will not be able to recognize these possibilities.


Role Models

The scarcity of women in technology-related professions prevents students with potential in this field from developing themselves.


Women's Representation

With Industry 4.0, technology-related professions gain importance, but women representation in these professions is very low.


Social Prejudices

Female students who are interested in the field of informatics can be blocked by their families and friends or lose interest in these issues due to prejudices.


What will 'Equal Coding' do?

Technology Education

With programs designed for age groups, we provide students with algorithm logic and solution-oriented thinking skills.

Open Resources

Our resources of coding programs that young people and children can apply at home are open to everyone. Click to review in detail.

Role Model Meetings

By introducing students to the right role models, we enable them to be inspired by the future and make a freer career choice.

Gender Equality Education

We aim to make technology education more inclusive, create an equitable classroom environment, and eliminate gender-based prejudices in students by creating gender-focused educational contents.


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This project is being implemented by the Genç Hayat Foundation with the support of EMpower.